Review Hacienda Cusin


That rich soil, cool nights & equatorial sun conspire to create several acres of ever-blooming gardens…………………………………

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‘I came here to write a fairy tale so imagine my surprise when I found myself in such a story complete with stone towers, iridescent hummingbirds, clerical vestments and guinea-pig sandwiches.

Who knew that running a hotel was a high art?

Barbara Ensor, author.

5 acres of landscaped, perennial gardens, ancient trees, cobblestone paths, ponds, patios …….

Long ago melting snows from nearby mountains, created torrents of water and a lake that covered all the nearby valleys. Subsequent erosion created the rich, black lakebed soil of Hacienda Cusin’s present gardens.

Vegetable gardens – include spices and fruit trees, for Cusin’s menus.

Flowers and bushes – over 60 species. Belladonna, bougainvillea, agapantha, acanthas, foxgloves, malva, hollyhocks, roses, california poppy, poppy, cosmos, daisies – Aztec lily, cala lilly, kangeroo paws, orchids, hydrangea, gunnera, lantana, fuscia, ferns, lycheness, heliotrope, buddleia , pyrocanthus, a variety of vines including jasmine & thumburgia, many succulents, etc.

Trees, several hundred. Including, cholan , avocado, banana, palm, eucalyptus, datura, magnolia, cedro , walnut, laurel, jacaranda, Brazilian pepper, broom, arayan, grapefruit, lemon, tomate de arbol, babaco, etc.

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