Review Hacienda Cusin

Hacienda Cusin, 1602 – 2013, over 400 hounded years of welcome in the sierra of Ecuador…………………………………

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‘I came here to write a fairy tale so imagine my surprise when I found myself in such a story complete with stone towers, iridescent hummingbirds, clerical vestments and guinea-pig sandwiches.

Who knew that running a hotel was a high art?

Barbara Ensor, author.

Hacienda Cusin was purchased at an auction from Philip II, King of Spain in 1602 ad by a prominent family, Luna. The purchased estate, an abraje or sheep farm, comprised of two valleys of Gualaví and La Rinconada, and all the land between the valleys and the lake, approximately 120,000 acres/50,000 hectares, held until Land Reforms in 1945 and 1964.

Hacienda Cusin was named for the mountain at the head of the valley of La Rinconada.
The mountain’s name is uncertain, although three possibilities are likely.
– that Cusin was the name of an indigenous chief who fought against the Incas in the early 16th century, just before the Spaniards’ arrival (untrue).
- a type of white beetle, a cuzo, cut-zo, (Quechua), a delicacy, that appears briefly in November (possibly)
– a member of the family Cusin, presently living in Brazil and Alsace Lorriane, recently joined Hacienda Cusin’s Facebook page, suggesting that a member of the Cusin family (established in 1524, had once married into the Hacienda family ….. (very possible)
Cusin’s coat of arms, found on dishware and stationary, is a cuso’s carapace. PERGE – forward. WINDMILL – Millhouse/Casamolia