Review Hacienda Cusin

Airport transfer, with Cusin’s driver to Hacienda Cusin, 70 minutes…………………………………

‘I came here
to write a fairy tale
so imagine my surprise when
I found myself in such a story
complete with stone towers,
iridescent hummingbirds,
clerical vestments
and guinea-pig sandwiches.

Who knew that
running a hotel
was a high art?

Barbara Ensor, author.

Hacienda Cusin Hacienda Cusin and Quito’s new International Airport are north of Quito city. All flights can be met directly from Cusin.

TRANSFERS – Quito’s International Airport One way. 80 minutes. 1- 2 guests, $70. 3-5 guests $ 90. Plus 10% tax.
Bus (for Otavalo) from Quito, 2 hours, $.5 (before Otavalo, drop-off in Gonzalez Suarez. Gonzalez Suarez – Cusin, taxi, $3).
Bus, Cusin/Otavalo, 50c.’ Lagos’. Every 20 minutes from San Pablo.
Bus. Otavalo/Cusin. ‘Lagos’. Every 20 minutes from 6 de Septiembre
Taxi, Cusin-Quito, 3-seats, from $60. Cusin-Otavalo, $5 – $7.
Helicopter Quito/Cusin. 1-5 passengers, from $1,000.

Self-drive, from Quito city approx. 2 hrs. New, wider PanAm Highway.
Quito traffic density is high, especially 7-10 a.m., mid-day, 5-7pm.

- Drive well to the right, NEVER cut corners.
- Drive north on the Pan American highway.
- Follow signs for Cayambe/ Otavalo/Ibarra.
- After Tabacundo and before Cayambe, gas station, turn left to Cajas.
– A 4-lane highway descends and with San Pablo lake & Imbabura mountain
– turn right to Gonzalez Suarez
– after 2 large speed bumps and before hilltop church, see Cusin sign.
- past El Monasterio de Cusin, over a bridge to Cusin´s entrance.
- Reception is on the right of the entrance courtyard.